the  beginning


    Hello My Name is Cory Jefferson,

CEO & Lead Marketing Graphics and Web Designer For Grafikworldinc. During My College Years Studying Graphic Arts, I took my creative interest a step further, I quickly learned I had sort of a Nack in rough development for executing quality marketing ideas and strategies in AD campaign designing, Slogan development and Campaign efficiency. Over the years of running a Company in design I Often found my self going the extra mile in support for my clients. Figuring effective marketing Strategies for Specific Entrepreneurs & Small business out side of only handling Design, Seeing as Design and Marketing goes Hand and hand Long term.

   I began Refining, Practicing, Studying and Developing both New and Seasoned Professional strategies, innovative enough to apply to a new or already established company Brand, Marketing and Strategy approach in just about any market. From Music, Fashion, Night Life, Cosmetics, or all around Entertainment. All components in which have slowly transformed our Mission and Focal Point as a company. Grafikworldinc now proudly Gathers Clientele and houses full Client accounts, representing them in Design and full Marketing strategies.


our  mission



   Grafikworldinc provides Business professionals, in all Fields of Work and Services with the opportunity of Defining, Searching and Locating their Target Audiences. In Addition To Designing 100% Custom Created Marketing Tools as well as providing Professional Printing services. On a More Professional Quality Level than any other Brand Marketing and Design Company in the New York Area.


   Grafikworldinc’s Mission as a Brand Defining, Marketing Design company is Committed to delivering Top Quality Work in it’s field of Graphic Design. Providing the utmost professional client experience any Entrepreneur, small or large company can find.

Here at Grafikworldinc we build client relationships, for the long term handling.

Our client accounts cherished by having a deep rooted history with a company and brand Growth. Committed to building a strong effective body of work is our Goal, Providing the best Quality is our objective.

Problem  Solving


   Client Problem solving, Grafikworldinc Provides extensive in market knowledge and strategies to our customers and clients alike on many bases such as email marketing, Data and traffic Analyst, referral campaigns, AD Campaigns and much more. Grafikworldinc is here to do the labor and hard thinking for you. we observe, evaluate, then tackle the problem from the necessary angels needed. Don't Fret We're Here!




   Grafikworldinc encourages you to explore, to ask questions, to be inspired to want, to need, to gain, from the knowledge being put in to you as a company and as a Brand. We are not just a bunch of Design Geeks, We are Teachers as well.

So come along, open your minds and watch the journey ahead be one you grow with.

We look forward to you, we bare open Arms to you, And Most of all we Welcome you.


PHONE: 347. 565 . 5421


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